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Krissy Vaine Icon [14 Feb 2008|04:09pm]
Krissy Vaine Icon
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Found this on a forum I go to [30 Sep 2007|07:18pm]

WWE 9/29 SD/ECW results - Peoria, IL‏
From: Adam Bockler

Michelle McCool d. Krissy Vaine
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[29 Sep 2007|01:52am]

WWE.com SD DigitalsCollapse )
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[29 Sep 2007|01:26am]

Krissy Vaine icons

Credit: WWE.com for the pics
Notes: Blanks are not bases Comments are gold. Credit if taking any.

-3 Krissy Vaine

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[14 Nov 2006|06:55pm]

Krissy Vaine stuff I found on YouTubeCollapse )
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This is somewhat Krissy Vaine related.... [03 Nov 2006|02:34am]

Not sure if anyone knows this, but I'm posting for those who might be interested. SHIMMER Women's Athletic Wrestling: Vol 1 is now available at places such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, Blockbuster and many others.


According to BestBuy's site, the matches on the DVD are:
Disc #1 -- Shimmer Women Athletes, Vol. 1
1. Shantelle Taylor Vs. Tiana Ringer [3:53]
2. "Team Blondage" Krissy Vaine & Amber O'Neal Vs. Cindy Rogers & Nikki Roxx [10:27]
3. Ariel Vs. Rain [15:46]
4. Lexie Fyfe Vs. Christie Ricci [10:45]
5. MsChif Vs. Cheerleader Melissa [10:09]
6. Allison Danger Vs. Beth Phoenix [17:24]
7. Sara Del Rey Vs. Mercedes Martinez [13:08]
8. Main Event: Lacey Vs. Daizee Haze [21:32]
9. Chapter 9 [26:53]
10. Chapter 10 [1:19]
11. Chapter 11 [:46]

I'm hoping to be getting copy VERY soon, seeing how I have a soon to be brother in law who works at Best Buy, so I'll post a review of Team Blondage's match once I've seen it.
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[02 Nov 2006|04:35pm]

Early last month, Krissy Vaine became the GM of DSW. Seeing how rumors are about about Angel Williams being called up and Rebecca has been called up to ECW, it looks like Krissy will be in DSW some more.
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Krissy Vaine icons [08 Jul 2006|04:43am]


Krissy Vaine for tapout100
Number of icons: 1-100
Credit: glamnation for the table code. KrissyVaine.com, AmberOneal.net, OWOW.com, wextremew.com, ObsessedWithWrestling.com, dswrestling.com, and various places on the net for the pics.
Notes: Comments are fun.

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